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For more than 30 years we have been successfully locating heirs worldwide. Our core aim is to assist heirs to their lawful inheritance.
In case the state was not able to find heirs, we take over. The genesis of Heritage Focus was a realization of the profound need among rightful heirs to seamlessly and effectively reclaim their entitlements. Our mission is rooted in simplifying this process and placing these rights firmly in the hands of those who deserve them.
As one entity, we offer a full service including the acquisition of all documents necessary to apply for a final certificate of inheritance. Also, we take care of the entire process, beginning with the deceased and ending with the disbursement of the estate.
You have been contacted by us regarding an inheritance matter?
In this case, you have been identified as a person potentially entitled to inherit within the framework of an inheritance matter. This means that you are, based on intestate succession, regarded as a potential heir. Consequently, this means you are related to the deceased, and in most cases not aware of them. This is because the legal succession laws consider even distant relatives as potential heirs under certain circumstances.
Drawing from our experience, the passage of time and generational shifts bring about an expanding scope of heirs. To ensure a seamless transition of rights, it’s crucial to act within your generation. As the next generation emerges, the number of heirs multiplies, making the process of proof increasingly complex and, at times, insurmountable.
We take care of your matter!
Our fee is only due once the case has been successfully solved, at which time you receive your share of the estate. You have nothing to risk; on the contrary, heirs receive a financial benefit from our work, often unexpectedly. Of course, during the process of estate settlement and billing, we highly value transparency.
Discover how Heritage Focus can make a significant impact on your quest to reclaim what rightfully belongs to you.
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Based on a competent, international team of genealogists and attorneys, HERITAGE FOCUS is predestined for national and international probate research. Our locally conducted research as well as direct contact to archives, government agencies and authorities supplement our expertise in international inheritance law and legal precedents. Often, this combination has proven to be crucial. Missing heirs can be located effectively and probate cases are solved.
Our Streamlined Process
At Heritage Focus, we've designed a straightforward process to ensure your confidence and trust every step of the way:
Locating Heirs
We conduct extensive genealogical research, identifying rightful heirs through historical databases and global collaborations. Once confirmed, we initiate contact to begin the restitution process. Our collaborative efforts extend to experienced authorities and professionals in countries spanning Europe, the USA, and Canada.
Open discussions lead to a clear agreement, aligning expectations and outlining fees for a smooth transfer of rights.
Restitution Procedure
After you and all the other entitled individuals have returned the signed fee agreement, Our legal and genealogical expertise guides the restitution process. Document collection, validation, and coordination with relevant parties ensure a seamless journey.
Transfer of Rights
Finally, rights are officially transferred to rightful heirs, solidifying ownership and reclaiming heritage.
Frequently Asked Questions
After intense research by our genealogists, you were identified as a possible person entitled to inherit a positive estate. Positive means that the estate is not in debt.
In most cases, it is a person who passed away without making a will and to whom you are connected by legal inheritance law and are therefore related – even if you may not have known the person.
The Probate Courts are obligated to secure existing estate assets and protect them from unauthorized access. The search for heirs is encompassed within this scope and is almost always assigned to experienced estate administrators. However, the estate administrators are not always successful locating heirs because research is often very time-consuming and costly, and requires an international network.
As a serious-minded business, we do not take payments in advance.
We close a success-based fee agreement with you.
After you and all the other entitled individuals have returned the signed fee agreement, we will inform you about the type, origin and approximate value of the estate. We will do everything we can so that the necessary applications for certificates of inheritance can be submitted as soon as possible. Once all certificates of inheritance have been issued, we provide for the resulting correct disbursement of the estate.
In this case our fee agreement lapses. Because the assets did not devolve to you, we raise no claims to a fee or reimbursement of expenses. The risk is all ours.
We ourselves correspond in many languages (English, Russian, French, Hebrew and more). In addition, we have a widespread network of correspondents at our disposal. Thus, we locate heirs around the world
We assure you that there is a positive estate value – even after deduction of remuneration, expenses and any inheritance tax incurred. So you don’t take any risks.
You can of course visit us for an in-person conversation at any time. You can find more information about our genealogists here.
If you have further questions or inquiries about probate research, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are always available for you.
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